Allie & Benjamin

November 9, 2019Nashville, TN

Our Story
He said...

Whenever I am asked about our story, I tend to deflect the questions to Allie if she’s around to answer them. I have a tendency to not want to divulge a whole lot of personal information, and as it seems to be with most things in my life, there is no simple answer to the question – what do I do for a living? or where am I from? My typical response is “do you want the long answer or the short answer?” because I don’t feel like a can provide an adequate answer without a lengthy response.

In any event, by the time of our big day Allie and I will have known each other for over ten years and I am so excited to get to spend the rest of my years with her at my side. Our first real interaction was in a driver’s ed class the summer after freshman year in high school, I had noticed her earlier in the year, but being the new kid in a small private school where everyone had known each other their whole lives, it took me awhile to get settled in and build the confidence to actually speak to her. But, by the time the summer rolled around I was more comfortable in my situation and there was this girl with the pretty red hair sitting in front of me that I had had a crush on for a while at that point. So, I would crack some stupid jokes and do anything to get her attention and make her laugh. I guess it worked because before long after that she agreed to be girlfriend. So, began a relatively short-lived high school relationship, but she was my first real girlfriend and my first kiss.

By the time we got to college, she was a constant figure in my life. I was resistant at first to committing to a long-distance relationship, but every time I came back to Nashville for the summer, or winter breaks Allie was the first person I wanted to see. I would often stop to see her before I went home to see my parents. Eventually, I came to my senses and realized that nobody will ever love me the way that she does. I realized that she had been there for me during my lowest lows and been there to help celebrate my greatest successes.

Finally, the summer before she graduated from school (a couple years before I finally finished) she invited me to go on a beach trip with her family, and during that week I realized that I was going to marry her one day. Fast forward a couple of years, and she took the leap of moving to Houston after graduation to be closer to me, a little further forward and I finally graduated from school and decided that it was finally time to ask the woman of my dreams to marry me.


As I write this, our big day is fast approaching, and I am so excited to start this next chapter of our lives together with a partner that I know will never let me down, will continue to support and encourage me through the tough times, and give me a life full of joy. She really is #MYSWANNANDONLY.

I love you, Allie!

She Said...

It was the summer between freshman and sophomore year of high school. I had failed my driving permit test 3 times at this point and was forced to take driver's education that summer at Lipscomb. Lucky for me, I was not the only one in my grade that had to take it that summer as well. Being in a small private school, I knew everyone and their dog (literally), but there was one boy who I did not know well, his name was Ben Swann. He was wearing a shirt with a beaver on it (the first time I had ever heard of Buccee's) that I found interesting, which is what sparked our first conversation. We hit it off immediately and formed inside jokes that only we thought were funny. At the end of driver's ed, Ben took my phone and put his number in my contacts and called himself so he would have my phone number (so smooth). We talked and hung out the rest of that summer and when we came back to school he asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for a little while in high school but ultimately broke up ( over facebook message I might add). We always remained close throughout high school and finally rekindled in college. We did the long distance thing for a while, which was rocky to say the least, but I finally had the opportunity to move to Houston, Texas after college and it was the best decision I have ever made.

The Wedding

Saturday, November 9, 2019
5:30 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
Ceremony and Reception
The Bridge Building Event Spaces
2 Victory Ave #100, Nashville, TN 37213, USA
Wedding Party

Carly Beth Koch - Matron of Honor
Allison Wallenhorst - Bridesmaid
Courtney Canady - Bridesmaid
Sarah Blair - Bridesmaid
Shelby Guthrie - Bridesmaid
Lauren Brown - Bridesmaid
Amber Shepard - Bridesmaid
Michelle Shepard - Bridesmaid
Addelyn Shepard - Flower Girl
Jonathan Swann - Best Man
Matthew Swann - Groomsman
Atlee Zaborowski - Groomsman
Derek Durant - Groomsman
Benjamin McDaniel - Groomsman
Brandon Brown - Groomsman
Morgan Shepard - Groomsman
Nicholas Shepard - Groomsman
Cameron Swann - Ring Bearer